Last Sunday's Message

The lectionary text and sermon manuscript from last Sunday are available HERE.  The scriptures are the English Standard version (ESV), and the psalm is pointed for singing using any of the traditional psalm tones.  

For the duration of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, several services will be streamed live on Facebook: 

  • the Mass at 9:00 each Sunday morning , 
  • Matins at 9:00 AM each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 
  • Compline at 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday
Find us on Facebook at Mission in Christ Lutheran Church, or use the link at the bottom of this or any page.

Parish Newsletter

Our newsletter, the Mission Connection, is published every month.  Click HERE to learn about upcoming events, council reports,  and the work of the church.

Text Study

Click the Bible icon for a short study of the texts for the coming Sunday.

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Enhance your Bible study with this popular online Scripture search tool.  Gives you access to hundreds of translations in scores of languages including Old Testament Hebrew and  New Testament Greek.


The liturgical year begins with the first Sunday of Advent

 and runs through Christ the King Sunday.  

We're currently in Year A - the Year of Matthew.

Here are all the texts used for all the Sundays of the 2019-2020 Church year..  

On - Line Puzzles!

Courtesy of Sola Publishing, click on the puzzle image to find a fun assortment of scripture-based puzzles!  A new puzzle is added about every week, so check back often!

Confession and Absolution

Although the practice of private Confession and Absolution with one's pastor has fallen out of use in many Lutheran congregations, this was never Luther's intention.  Article XXV of the Augsburg Confession declares, "Confession in the churches is not abandoned among us."

The teachings from the Small Catechism regarding the Office of the Keys and Confession may be found HERE.

A litany for Individual Confession and Absolution from the Lutheran Book of Worship may be found HERE.

The Sanctity of Nascent Life

As a member congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC), Mission in Christ is committed to advocating for and protecting the most vulnerable and marginalized among us - the unborn.  For more information about Lutherans For Life, click on the icon.  Click HERE to read the NALC's Word of Counsel to the Church: "The Lord Is with You" - The Sanctity of Nascent Life.

Constitution, By-Laws, and Membership Covenant

What does Mission In Christ Lutheran Church believe and confess as a congregation?  

How could you become a member?  Find out here!

Constitution                      By-Laws                   Membership Covenant